3 reasons why SASSCO is the best point of sale for pizza shops

With so many different point of sale software in the Australian market today, it’s hard to compare best values vs. best features. One thing is for sure, you don’t want a cloud-based POS for your pizza restaurant.


Pizza shop owners require a fast and seamless software solution for their businesses, fast because they get hammered on a busy Friday and Saturday night and seamless because their integrated solution consists of bump systems, kitchen and bar printers and up to 4 POS stations. With the introduction of cloud-based solutions, prices have decreased and competition has increased, which is often a good indication to end users.

SASSCO Software Company

SASSCO is an Australian Point of Sale Software Company located in North Sydney with offices in Sydney and Melbourne. The company specialises in POS software solutions for restaurants, cafes and pizza shops. Notably, the pizza solution is its most popular product with over 350 businesses using it, most of them have migrated from Eagle Boys franchise to standalone businesses.

Advanced Features

SASSCO POS for Pizza Shops offers some very advanced features such as: half/half, meal deals, customer delivery, online integration and more. Half/half is the most discussed topic for pizza shop owners, most software do not offer the ability to change a pizza menu to a half/half and set an increased price (or calculate charges based on more expensive pizza). Another feature offered by SASSCO is the ability to make a Pizza item part of a meal deal; you want to select your pizza, base, remove toppings and add some more, all while the customer is on the phone making these quick decisions!

Online Integration

Recent studies have found that over 66% of customers prefer to order their meals online or using a mobile App. If you own a Pizza Shop, you would want both modules available to your customers. Moreover, you want online orders to print locally in your kitchen printer or kitchen display (monitor). SASSCO offers these modules as part of its complete bundle and charges a small setup fee of $995 and $0 per online order.

Pricing Structure

SASSCO POS for Pizza Shop can be purchased as part of a bundle which includes: touchscreen, cash drawer, receipt printer, kitchen display monitor and software, online ordering and kitchen printers, but if you’d like to purchase the software as a standalone, it’s only $1,995 one-off lifetime license fee. For more information, contact SASSCO on: 1300 789 832.

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