3 Reasons why you should get a Bump Kitchen Display System

A Kitchen Display System (KDS), also known as “Bump Screen System” is highly recommend to restaurant owners who want better control and management of their kitchen.


A restaurant point of sale system solution consists of a set of hardware, usually: touchscreen monitors, printers, cash drawers and network impact printers), and a set point of sale software program. The complete solution is referred to as POS System. It was not until the late 2010s that the terminology “Bump System” emerged. Even since, there has been an increase of demands for such systems, for many reasons, I will cite three.

Delete & Recall

These systems are usually attached to a numpad where kitchen staff monitor each transaction and delete it using the numeric numpad keys. The display monitor refreshes itself every few seconds and displays the latest orders alongside the duration (in minutes and seconds since the order was placed). Once an item is complete, staff select the order (by clicking number 1 to 9), then hit the Enter key to delete. Upon making mistakes, a recall button (backspace) is clicked.

Compare this recall process with printed hand dockets that are thrown in the bin upon completion?

Track durations and highlight late orders

One of the features that you could not achieve using Impact printers is the ability to monitor the time each order has taken to finish. With the using of this KDS, the software highlights in Yellow orders that are taking longer than usual and in Red orders that have been logged in the system for too long.

Track kitchen staff performance

One of the greatest advantages of using a Bump System is the ability for restaurant owners and managers to retrieve reports on meal durations, to track kitchen staff performances. Your point of sale program logs the time an order is placed, and once it’s “bumped out”, the system records the time. By comparing the 2 times, you get the duration it’s taken for each meal to be completed.

Example: If an order for a Chicken burger was processed at 10:00am, and was ticked-out at 10:25am, you can easily report that it’s taken 25 minutes to make this burger. If on average, these burgers take 10 minutes on an average Monday morning, you know that something wasn’t quite right in the kitchen.

Now imagine if there’s an iPad App that delivers these reports anytime-anywhere? With SASSCO POS Systems you can! Give them a call on 1300 789 832 to find out more or visit www.sassco.com.au


A kitchen display system is very useful if you have a busy kitchen and have a franchise chain of restaurants where you can’t be at different locations at the same time. It’s also recommended that you keep using your kitchen printers and use these systems in parallel together with an iPad reporting App to retrieve meal duration reports and track staff performances.

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