5 reasons why you should use a tap and go EFTPOS (Contactless Payments) terminal

The Smartpay contactless payment solution gives businesses a quick and smooth way to accept payments from customers. This new technology was launched in early 2015 and has been a great success ever since.

What is Tap and Go

Tap & Go, also known as Pay Pass or Tap n’ Go is the ability to make payments using your bank card (credit card, savings or debit card) without entering your card PIN number or signing the receipts. In Australia, most credit card companies have embraced this new technology and are finding it a great success.

Tap and Go limit

Australian credit or debit card providers have a limit of $100 (on hundred) dollars limit on all Tap and Go transactions. For any amount greater than $100, consumers will be required to enter their PIN identification code to process the payment request.

Restaurants and Café Owners should get Tap & Go!

Hospitality business owners in general or more specifically, restaurant and café owners should get Tap & Go EFTPOS friendly terminals. Here are some of the great advantages:

Quick and Easy

Busy restaurants on a Saturday night often get a sudden flood of customers wanting to pay at the same time, cumulating a line and often upsetting customers. Assuming that these restaurants have a EFTPOS-Friendly point of sale system (such as SASSCO Restaurant POS), payments for tables are a 5-10 second process involving: select table, click pay, hit the EFTPOS button. The amount starts flashing on the terminal, customers tap their credit card, and customer receipt is usually printed within 1-2 seconds.

Disadvantage of using TAP & GO

The main disadvantage of using this technology is the limitation of “wireless” pay at table option. These EFTPOS terminals are usually connected to the point of sale system and can’t be taken to tables for tap and go payments. However, if you a get a “non-POS” friendly terminal, you will still be able to take the unit to the table, but that will also mean that amounts must be entered manually in the EFTPOS terminal.


If you own a busy café or restaurant, we highly recommend that you get in touch with your bank and point of sale software provider to get a TAP & GO EFTPOS machine and expedite bill payments.

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