5 things to look for when purchasing your new restaurant point of sale

So you’ve finally given up on traditional cash registers and want to upgrade to a computerised computer system? Great, here’s what to look for when comparing the market.

No iPad POS

Mistake number 1, often customers want a cheap upgrade – iPad POS Systems are ideal solutions for quick service, small takeaway stores, not restaurants. An iPad solution consists of a set of hardware (printer, cash drawer and iPad) and an App to use for processing transactions and inventory. These solutions rely heavily on Internet and cloud hosting; all information is stored in a remote server, something you would want to avoid if you’re running a busy restaurant. You want data to remain offline, made available when needed.

EFTPOS Integration

An EFTPOS terminal (also known as Tap N’ Go) is a wireless or wired payment gateway that allows you to accept credit card transactions. In Australia, most banks integrate with a software company called PC-EFTPOS. Contact your bank and request for a PC-EFTPOS friendly terminal. This will streamline your everyday process by eliminating errors and fastening the payment procedure.

No cloud hosting and ongoing fees

Cloud hosting is great for storing e-mails, calendar dates or meeting schedules but let’s face it, not so great when your entire restaurant database is stored offshore at some server and with every internet complication, your entire system is down and printers become unavailable? You want your product and customer information available at any given time, the last thing you would want is to have to rely on Internet on a busy Saturday night while people are lining up.

Delivery and Order recall

If your restaurant offers delivery services, you should consider a point of sale which integrates with a CALLER-ID module. A CALLER-ID is the technology of retrieving a caller phone number and recalling previous orders (stored in your point of sale program). This is very handy when you have a big customer database with a few regulars and you don’t want to have to type every order each time your customer calls.

Waiter POS

Last but not least, a waiter point of sale application is a fantastic new technology enabling your floor staff to take orders wirelessly from right at the table, and print remotely to your kitchen. This eliminates double handling and smoothen the “taking order” process. You have to ensure that your waiter application doesn’t rely on cloud hosting and all data is stored on a server locally, inside your restaurant. There is an Australian company with a great waiter application, you can view it here.


Upgrading from a traditional cash register to a point of sale system is a great way of improving cash flow and reducing errors, but choosing the wrong software could have severe consequences on your business. We have compared the market and found Australia’s SASSCO to have the best point of sale solutions for restaurants, you should also consider Menulog for accepting online orders.

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