Advantages and disadvantages of using a waiter point of sale solution

A waiter point of sale system, also referred to as Waiter POS (pronounced poz), is the ability to take table orders wirelessly, using a mobile device in the form of a tablet. The complete solution is what we call: “Waiter POS”.


Since the introduction of the iPad tablets and new ideas have to come to life in most industries, from medical to scientifical etc... The original idea of giving a waiter/waitress a hand held iPad device to take orders wirelessly seemed like a great idea. This process would eliminate double handling and limits, if not completely remove, staff errors.

Simply POS was the first company to introduce Waiter POS

In 2007, Simply POS was the first company to introduce a waiter point of sale. The system used a 10inch Samsung device that was built on Windows operating system and had a wireless remote connection to the main point of sale database. At first, the solution became a major hit and within a few months more companies followed suit and built their own waiter pos. As the years went by, this wireless tablet technology has become incredibly popular that the majority of award winning restaurants in Sydney are using it in the form of an iPad, and Android or a Windows technology.

Restaurants should use Waiter POS

Let’s face it; if you own a restaurant or a busy coffee shop and you’re not using a wireless point of sale device to take orders right from the table, you’re losing both time and money. The traditional process starts with a waiter writing down the table order on a piece of paper, walking to the kitchen and bar area to drop off a copy of the order. Once table is ready for payment, staff must re-enter the order in the system to calculate payments. With the help of a Waiter POS, this entire process is replaced by a simple step of using a tablet device to enter the order, click send to print in Kitchen and Bar area.


Nowadays, technology and computers have become extremely reliable. The use of a waiter point of sale will facilitate the process of a restaurant process and eliminate errors and double handling. SASSCO is an Australian company that specialises in POS Systems for restaurants and offer an amazing waiter pos solution, check it out here.

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