Best App to record Clock Ins and Clock Outs for Restaurants and Cafes

Most business owners in Australia still use pen and paper to record their staff time and attendance and manually add up the hours at the end of the week, and then manually calculate wages. Imagine how much simpler the process would be if they were to use a simple App to store these sessions?

Clocking In/Out

Clocking-In is the popular term for storing the starting time of a shift. Clocking out is the finish time of the shift. Storing these times digitally in the cloud has its great advantages to simplify your every-day work.

There a few ways to store staff attendance times, the most popular one is “clock in using a POS Software”. Other ways such as pen and paper are still very popular, but the most effective way would be using an App!

Why use an App for staff attendance?

There are a few popular applications that run on iOS and Android or Windows phones that can record your staff attendance and export weekly timesheets with wage summary and hours.

The most popular application is (Deputy). Deputy is an American software application that works on iPad and gives you full access to recording time attendance and rostering. Another great application is “ClocksApp”. ClocksApp is an Australian company with the most user friendly interface program to create staff roster, using a copy/paste mechanism, and also in the process allowing you to place a tablet or a smartphone at your premises that enables your staff to clock in/out using a number.

The ClocksApp is incredibly advanced and takes a picture of your staff as they clock in to avoid complications. This data is available to you at anytime, where you can use an iPad to view these hours, roster and pictures of your staff attendance.


With its great advantages comes a minor disadvantage where these apps are cloud based. This means that you’re relying on the Internet for the program to function properly. If your Internet inside your shop drops out, your staff will not be able to clock in or out. Of course you would imagine that Internet is reliable in Australia and 4G is available in most suburbs around the country, nevertheless they are cloud based applications and come with disadvantages.

Time Attendance Apps to download

Most applications run on iOS (iPad) and Android tablets. If you would like, you can download Deputy for iPad here, or ClocksApp or Android and ClocksApp Kiosk or Android from here.

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