Best Restaurant POS Software 2015 | Reviews of the Most Popular Systems

Finding the right point of sale for your business can be a challenging task, especially when there are hundreds of pos providers in Australia with competitive pricings. This article compares all popular pos systems in Australia giving you the tool to find the solution that best fits your business needs.

What to look for?

Here are the main characteristics that define a “good” point of sale solution.
- Software ease of use
- Staff training & Support
- Data storage

Topping the list is “Software ease of use”. Busy restaurants change staff regularly and don’t have the time to train new staff on complicated software. The interface must be neat, user friendly and self-taught.

Once you have installed your pos, you require thorough training on back office and administrator features so that you can maintain your data and menu items. Support when you need it most is crucial for any hospitality business.

Another “must have feature” is the ability to store data locally and not relying on a third party storage such as cloud/Internet storage.


1- MICROS POS (Overall Rating: 9.5/10, Ease of use: 8.9/10)

MICROS Systems, Inc. is an American company owned by Oracle Corporation. Micros is the world’s biggest software provider for point of sale and the hospitality industry.

2- SASSCO (Overall Rating 9.2/10, Ease of use: 9.1/10)

SASSCO is an Australian provider and developer of point of sale systems for the hospitality industry. The company offers end-to-end solutions for restaurants and cafes from hardware installation to software customization and support.

3- Aloha POS (Overall Rating 9.1/10, Ease of use: 9.0/10)

Aloha POS is an American point of sale software designed for restaurants and cafes. It is commonly used in “Gloria Jeans” Coffee Shops across Australia. The company has no head office in Australia but there are many software resellers such as Access POS and NCR.

4- MaitreD POS (Overall Rating 9.0/10, Ease of use: 7.9/10)

MaitreD POS is a customizable restaurant point of sale software that offers mobile point of sale solutions as well as standard and traditional POS. It is more popular offshore in the United States and Canada but its market in Australia has grown over the past 5 years with the introduction of cloud hosting support.


There are other factors you should consider such as EFTPOS payment integration, online ordering integration and waiter pos solutions. If you would like to speak with a point of sale systems specialists, call SASSCO on 1300 789 832.

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