Complete POS Systems for the Hospitality Industry.

If you own a restaurant, café or any hospitality business and looking to get a new, or upgrade your current point of sale system, you should consider SASSCO for a complete, end-to-end solution.

Sassco is a POS Systems company based in North Sydney NSW with an office in Melbourne. The company designs, implements and installs POS Systems for mainly restaurants, cafes and pizza shops.

A complete solution consists of:

Point of Sale Software

Don’t be mistaken, this is the most crucial part of any restaurant POS System, getting this wrong could cost you thousands of dollars from staff hours, stock control and double handling.

The main keys of any software are: ease of use, user friendly interface, EFTPOS integration, staff clock in reports, ingredient stock control, bookings and reservations, split bills and rostering.

Waiter/Tablet Point of Sale

While technology is evolving, new tablets in the markets today have made is simple to interface a tablet wireless point of sale with your main system. These wireless devices mean that your staff can take the device with them and take table orders that transmit orders to each individual printer in a split second. This will eliminate double handling, giving your staff more time to spend with the customer.

Kitchen Bump Display

Saving printer paper is the least important feature of replacing a traditional printer with a mounted kitchen or coffee display. One of the most important role of these bump display systems is the ability to retrieve reports from the POS software on times and delays by your kitchen staff. Restaurant franchise owners can’t be in all locations at once, but they still want to know if kitchen staffs aren’t processing orders in a timely manner. These reports will do just that.

Online Ordering

Online ordering directories nowadays have thousands of businesses inside their directories; take for example which has more than 5,000 restaurants in its database. This highlights the need of every business to be found online, have a 24/7 store where customers can pre-order for later using a web browser, mobile phone or a tablet. This will increase business revenues and is must for every hospitality business.


Last but not least, business owners need to have a reporting tool which extracts reports based on sales history, stock, staff performances and product/category sales. These tools should have the ability to compare different time frames as well as have some sort of visual graphs to make it easier to read and analyse these reports. Having this tool in a mobile iPad or Android tablet where you can access these reports on the go is a bonus.


If you’re looking at implementing a point of sale system for your café or restaurant, you should consider getting a ‘complete’ solution that saves you money and time. Contact SASSCO on: 1300 789 832 or visit their website: to get your complete POS System solution.

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