Cutting edge technology by Australia's SASSCO.

In Australia, tens of companies compete in the world of point of sale systems. Some use offshore software (China, India or US), while some others are locally based and implement their own software. SASSCO is one of those companies introducing new cutting edge technology that is revolutionising the market.


SASSCO introduced its first point of sale software for takeaway shops in March 2004. The software was immediately a hit due to the simplicity of its interface. The company went on to sell the software to pizza shops around Sydney. followed by coffee shops. By early 2009, SASSCO had around 300 customers in the New South Wales region using its program, on a daily basis.

In 2013 the company purchased Simply POS, a company that specialises in pos for hospitality, then merged the 2 technologies together to come up with SASSCO POS, an incredible program for the entire hospitality industry.

Technology and Solutions.

SASSCO has introduced a few incredible features over the past 2 years, most notably:
- iPad/Tablet reporting App
- Online Ordering Software

1- Mobile Reporting for your Point of Sale

Imagine, an easy to use application on your mobile phone or tablet that gives you LIVE data, as it happens! How about if this data was presented to you in the form of graphs and charts identifying in a visual affect the flaws of your restaurants and weaknesses? Example: Hourly report will break down your sales by the hour giving you the flexibility to reduce staff hours for certain times.

Imagine, you're overseas on a holiday trip but you're worried that your staff aren't performing as expected? Well using this simple application, you can compare sales with staff hours. Another feature enables you to view a detailed report on your kitchen bump screen report, showing you the duration for each meal sent to the kitchen. Example: at 7.35pm, John sent through an order for a Steak. Your kitchen staff finished the order at 8.30pm. You can easily see the customer waiting times, in this scenario- 55 minutes. Click here to view a sample kitchen bump screen report.

2- Online Ordering System

Quite recently, SASSCO has released a new engine for online ordering. It is completely integrated with the company's point of sale software. iTakeOut is a simple engine that has a website portal, an iPhone App and an Android App interface. So your restaurant's customers can place orders online or simply use their mobile phones. These orders are sent directly to your kitchen and the sales will appear in your end of day report. This seamless integration is only available to SASSCO customers!


There are many software companies in Australia and in Sydney & Melbroune in specific. Each offer their own technology using third party software to make it a complete solution. Where SASSCO stands out is they implement their very own software without the need for any third party tools, making it affordable for restaurant owners to build an end-to-end solution that is made in Australia with an Australian support team, 24/7.

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