Do It yourself (DIY) Point of Sale Systems for Hospitality.

As technology evolves, it's becoming easier to install hospitality point of sale systems yourself. DIY (Do It Yourself) systems are easy to implement and will save you money.


A point of sale system, also referred to as POS System (pronounced poz), is a combination of a touchscreen computer or tablet, software, receipt printer and a cash drawer. We've seen an increasing demand over the past few years for a tablet point of sale system. These tablets are much more affordable than those of traditional systems and often have the same functionalities.

Why Do It Yourself?

Point of Sale System companies charge an awful lot of money for installation and training services. These services include: installation, menu setup, staff training and in some cases- running cables between touchscreen stations and printers. If you have some basic knowledge about IT, then you should consider doing it yourself for the main obvious reason: saving money.

Steps Involved

In order to install a point of sale system, you will need an electrician with sound knowledge about networking and CAT6 OR CAT6 cables. Once the electrician has run these network cables, you will need to purchase your hardware. I personally recommend Windows Tablets (Surface Pro 3 with i5 processor) because they have a wide screen (12 inch), a windows 10 operating system and a super-fast processor.

90% of Australian POS providers use Epson for receipt and kitchen printers. Finally, you can use any cash drawer of your choice as long as it can be connected to the Epson printer for automatic triggering.

Easy to Use POS Software

Having worked in the point of sale industry for over 15 years, I have come across and used many point of sale software in the Australian market. Essentially, they all perform the same task and although some are easier to use than others, the end result is the same.

I highly recommend SASSCO; the company is located in North Sydney with an office in Melbourne. SASSCO have a super easy to use iPad POS System. Their hospitality point of sale software is suitable for restaurants, cafes and pizza shops.


With the evolution of the technology and the release of tablet systems, most people can install hospitality point of sale systems themselves and save money in the process.

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