SASSCO POS is quickly becoming the number one point of sale system for Chinese restaurants. Over the past 4 weeks, we've installed our software in 8 Chinese restaurants at different locations in Sydney and Melbourne; Happy Chef (Newtown), Neptune Palace (Circular Quay) and The East (Sydney CBD) are the most notable names.


SASSCO POS is a point of sale software designed specifically for the hospitality industry, mainly restaurants, cafes and pizza restaurants. The software interface is almost identical in all of its 6 versions with the exception of back of house (admin software) where there are additional features and advanced reports that don't exist in all platforms.

Perfect for Chinese Restaurants

SASSCO POS has been altered over the past few months to specifically and perfectly suit Chinese restaurants and their unique demands. For example, we've found that many Chinese restaurants employ Chinese-Speaking staff (only) for their kitchen hand. Not only does SASSCO POS support Chinese characters, it also has a section for Kitchen Docket text where a Chinese or non-English characters can be entered, this text will not appear in customer invoices.

Banquets and Long Kitchen Dockets

Medium to large restaurants often have banquets in their menu where they may offer up to 20 dishes in a simple banquet. Our software was specifically customized to allow for these long kitchen dockets to be printed in order. For example, staff will click a button called “Banquet 1” and the software will print out a list of all mains, entrees and desserts for that banquet.

Additional payment types & Chinese Keyboard

We've added a few payment button options to both our takeaway and table payment sections, these buttons include: Diners Club, JCB and Mulitpay. We have also added special requirements for Chinese keyboard layout where staff can use it to search products in Chinese characters and/or append text to items before sending out to kitchen.


If you'd like to see SASSCO POS in action, please visit Neptune Palace located in Circular Quay Sydney, speak with the friendly staff and get their feedback. You can contact SASSCO to request your free quote on 02 8912 2115.

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