Got restaurant or a café business? Here's why you should get an Online Ordering Solution!

It is estimated that over 5,000 hospitality businesses in Sydney have an active online ordering solution; that is a website for customers to place orders, an iPhone or Android App. Menulog is Australia's leading supplier of such solutions and offer a $0 setup fee.

What is Online Ordering Solution?

An online ordering solution is the process of allowing your customers to place their orders online or using a mobile phone, without having to call you or your store. This technology has reached its peak levels in Australia, more specifically in Sydney and Melbourne. One of the major factors is the introduction of smart phones and the ease of use that comes with it.

Why is it so Important?

It's easy to see the advantages of having such solution; 1- increase sales by going online, 2- have a 24/7 online store for later pick up or delivery, 3- save on staff hours. Having a good and easy to use software will encourage your customers to place their orders without having to call you.

Key Features

There are tens if not hundreds of online ordering solutions in Australia today. Selecting the wrong one for your business could have its negative affect on your business. Here's what to look for when signing up with these companies. 1- An easy to use software, 2- Ability to pay cash, EFTPOS or credit card, 3- Re-order based on history, 4- direct integration with your point of sale software, 5- have backend software to add or edit online products.

Top Software

There are so many solutions available at hand but 'Menulog' and 'iTakeOut' stand out. Menulog offers its customers the ability to search over 5,000 restaurant and place their orders directly. iTakeOut allows restaurant and café owners to give out their very own 'iPhone' or 'Android' App and print directly to the kitchen.


There are hardly any disadvantages of having an online ordering software for your restaurant. If you haven't tried one yet, get in touch with Menulog and arrange for a free setup or call SASSCO to organize a free 30 day App trial

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