How to avoid horrendous ResDiary & Dimmi charges & fees

The greatest disadvantage of using ResDiary & Dimmi is their astronomical fees & commissions. Here’s how you can eliminate these charges.

What is ResDiary

ResDiary (also known as Rdiary) is an online restaurant reservation management system that allows restaurant managers to manage their bookings online via a simple and easy to use portal. You can visually manage your bookings and make easy decisions on organising your tables and maximizing covers. It is a great tool for busy restaurants.

What is Dimmi

Dimmi is an online booking module that can be installed on any website. The software allows restaurants to accept bookings anytime. You can use the module to disable time slots, change allowed covers per session and collect information from your visitors. The greatest advantage of using Dimmi is the ability to get new business(bookings) from the Dimmi website.

ResDiary and Dimmi partnership

On the 14th of February 2014, Dimmi and ResDiary announced a long-term partnership for the Australian market, offering great benefits to both customer databases. With this partnership, restaurants can join the 2 modules and automatically integrate online bookings within the ResDiary program. This also means that Dimmi syncs with Rdiary and automatically blocks sessions that have been fully booked. Obviously, the advantages of such a partnership were great, but the charges of using both services were even greater.

Astronomical fees

Ask any restaurant owners about the first thing that comes to mind when you mention the word: ResDiary or Dimmi, they will tell you the same thing: enormous charges and fees. Sure thing their software is great – but charging $2 per cover is somewhat alarming.

Many of the customers who suspended their agreement with Dimmi and Rdiary have told us that they would charge up to $2 per cover (head), they also have set fees for cancellation. Regardless, customers are charged for bookings, although about 10% of bookings won’t even turn up!

How to avoid paying such fees and save thousands

For customers using SASSCO restaurant point of sale software, you have a great option to replace both platforms with built-in software designed and developed by SASSCO Australia (North Sydney). The company has developed an online module that can be easily customised into any website; it integrates directly with your point of sale software. Online bookings are stored directly into your database and the SASSCO program sends confirmation SMS 24 hours before booking is scheduled.

SASSCO has also developed an internal booking mechanism into their point of sale program that replaces your ResDiary booking software. Here’s a screenshot:

If you’re currently not using SASSCO for your restaurant point of sale, you can request to check if you qualify for a free upgrade until your current agreement expires, contact here:

Charges for SASSCO online module and built-in software

SASSCO is an Australia point of sale Software Company that specialises in hospitality POS solutions and systems. The company has over 900 restaurants and cafes using their point of sale, it easily integrates with other programs (Designed by SASSCO) such as: Waiter POS, POS Reports App, Kitchen Bump Systems and Online Ordering. SASSCO charges $995 one-off fee to setup the online module and $0 per booking, for life.


ResDiary and Dimmi offer some great features for table reservation solutions, their charges are unquestionably high. You can easily use SASSCO’s restaurant solution and pay a one-off fee of $995, $0 per booking for life and easily save thousands of dollars in commission.

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