Is cloud good for iPad point of sale (POS) systems?

Cloud is the practice of using remote servers (powerful computers) hosted on the Internet, rather than a local server. We often get asked: should we get a cloud-based POS Systems? Our answer is NO, here’s why


Over the past few years, we’ve seen an increase in demands for iPad point of sale systems. This unprecedented increase is caused by many factors, mainly because iPad App are generally easy to install and use and of course the cost of Apps in comparison with PC based computer software are much lower.

Problems with iPad POS

iPad is not a Windows based computer system, it does not offer the great functionalities of personal computers, especially when it comes to data storage. iPads, iPhones and iPad mini were designed to store data wirelessly, over the cloud.

Cloud & iPads

There are hundreds of iPad Apps for point of sale in the market today, some of the popular ones are POS Lavu and shopify. The general problems with these applications is the use of Cloud hosting! Imagine in a busy night at your restaurants, where Internet goes down (it often does) and you can’t print kitchen or bar dockets. These iPad solutions are designed to print over the cloud and back to your restaurants. If the Internet is down, there will be no printing!

Another great disadvantage is the speed of data access. With each click of a button, the system sends a signal to the cloud requesting data (information). Sometimes, this process may take up to 5-10 seconds. Imagine processing a sale with a slow Internet? It’s a nightmare to restaurant owners!


Cloud hosting is far too immature for the time being. We predict a huge market for this technology in the next 10 years or so but not right now. If you’d like a Tablet point of sale solution that doesn’t rely on Internet and is super-fast, try SASSCO’s restaurant point of sale, they have some great restaurants solutions that are fast and locally hosted.

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