A look back at the best POS Systems for 2017

2017 has been a great year for point of sale software, with the increased popularity of cloud based solutions for iPads. Let’s have a look at the best complete packages for the year 2017.


As technology evolves, one would expect prices to be more competitive and fierce competition between top software companies. In Australia, the biggest POS companies are: SASSCO, Revel, OrderMate and RedCAT. These companies have their own software developer teams and their programs are made in Australia, although some of them have their technical support members offshore.

iPad POS by Revel

There is an incredible demand for iPad solutions for small to medium sized cafes across Australia, this is due to many factors such as: cheaper prices, iPad being a popular tablet (almost every household in Australia owns at least one) and because of the small sizes of such tablets.

iPad solutions require Cloud based technology for hosting all data. In contrast with traditional POS Systems where all information (such as customers, sales history etc) is stored locally – iPads require fast internet connection to download and upload data. This technology is refered to as: cloud solution.

Ongoing fees

If you’re thinking of purchasing a coffee shop around Sydney, your biggest worry is money upfront. Most business owners look for cheap upfront solutions for point of sale. iPad is by far the cheapest solution where you can purchase a complete package for under $1,000. Compare that with a traditional unit for $3,000. However, don’t be mistaken, there are ongoing fees that come with iPads, it’s usually between $10 to $25 per week.

Traditional POS by SASSCO

SASSCO have discontinues their iPad POS Systems and have instead invested in traditional units as well as their popular Surface Pro 4 bundles. Prices start from $2,995 for complete packages (Toushcreen, Epson printer, cash drawer, lifetime license and menu setup).

Advantages of SASSCO

When you purchase a SASSCO bundle, you are not hit with any ongoing fees and/or hidden charges. What you pay upfront is all you are ever required to pay. You do get 1 year free technical support, after the initial year, if you wish to renew (optional) it’s only $220 per year.


With the introduction of many cloud based POS solutions by the top software companies in Australia, we’ve found SASSCO to have the best bundles and packages for long term investments. You can give them a call directly on 1300 789 832.

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