More Indian restaurants are choosing SASSCO over any other POS System

SASSCO point of sale software is the most popular POS for Indian restaurants; more than 70% of restaurants in Harris Park (hub of Indian restaurants) are using a SASSCO solution.

Popular names

There are a few big names, well known to the Indian population in Sydney and Melbourne, most notably Lal Qila in Surry Hills and Darling Harbour, Billu’s Indian Eatery in Harris Park and Darling Harbour, Kohli’s in Nowra and Batemans Bay, Spice of Life, Blu Ginger, Maya Bazar and many more.

Royal Dining Experience at Lal Qila Darling Harbour

Word of mouth

Ask any marketing advisor and they will tell you that the best form of marketing is “Word-of-Mouth”. This is often the case if you’re selling a good brand and/or product. When it comes to software, it’s a more complicated process because having a good product may not be enough; you will need a good service. Servicing restaurants and cafes differs from other industries because of the long hours that these businesses operate in.

In 2014, a young businessman who was using a competitor brand requested a SASSCO demo, I remember him complaining about lack of support and expensive ongoing fees. Immediately after, he requested a change over for all his restaurants. From that point on, more and more Indian restaurants signed up (new and existing businesses). This young man is Kamil Khan.


Indian restaurant menus are often complicated with banquet options, a long list of entrees, mains and rice. The flexibility of the SASSCO software enables business owners to customise the interface to suit their needs. Our iPad reporting App gives owners complete access to live sales and other reporting tools such as: deleted orders, discounted items and orders, clock ins and advanced reporting on kitchen performances (based on times measured between the initial order and completion times).

Waiter POS

Our iPad/iPhone and Android Waiter POS is probably the World’s greatest and easiest point of sale for floor staff and restaurant managers. You can process orders on the go, right from the table, and print directly to the kitchen. These smart systems are affordable and fully integratable with SASSCO.


If you own an Indian restaurant (or café), we encourage you to ask around for some feedback on our point of sale software and services, we are also confident that our prices are unbeatable. You can download our software online, our Waiter POS for iPad or Android or give us a call on 1300 789 832.

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