Pizza Point of Sale Systems Essentials

Thinking of buying a new pizza restaurant? Need a good and fast system? Here are 3 essentials for the perfect point of sale solutions.


Ask anyone in the hospitality industry and they will tell you that the software requirements for a pizza shop are the most complicated of all. Features such as half/half or integrate with an online ordering are required for a pizza shop and not for any other business such as busy restaurants, cafes or coffee shops.

What is a Pizza POS

POS, pronounced poz, is a shortcut of point of sale. A Pizza POS is a set of hardware and software required for a pizza restaurant. This usually consists of a touchscreen computer, a software program, receipt and kitchen printer, bump screens and online ordering software (App and website).

3 good essentials

1- The most important feature for pizza restaurant software is the ability to apply half/half products to available pizzas. As simple as it sounds, this feature is not available to most software in Australia. There are a few by-pass features such as, add 2 pizzas then apply a discount and you will have a half/half pizza but that’s only a by-pass.

2- Online ordering integration is another must have feature. At this day and age, online ordering is a critical aspect of any business and more notably a pizza business. Customers can place their orders in advance while having an online store or App that is open 24 hours a day. This will save shop owners time and money. UberEATS and Menulog are the most popular platforms for online ordering in Australia, they integrate with a handful of point of sale systems.

3- A kitchen display system or what is known in Australia as simply ‘bump system’ is an important piece of software and hardware that will simplify day-to-day process. This usually consists of a 21 inch screen, connected to a numpad and a printer. Orders processed from the main terminal automatically appear on these screens and chefs can remove an order by using the numpad (numbers). Once bumped out, the software will print the invoice to go with the order.

Common Mistake

Nowadays, new shop owners are looking for ways to save money and purchase an affordable POS System. One common mistake is to look for the cheaper option, which is usually an iPad POS. This is a big mistake, iPad POS Systems do not work for busy pizza restaurants; they rely on Internet and cloud hosting. On busy Friday and Saturdays these systems fail and crack under pressure, it is highly recommended that you avoid purchasing such systems.


We’ve compared the market and found SASSCO POS to be the most advanced point of sale software solution for pizza shops. It offers all the above features at a one-off set price. SASSCO is not an Internet software and does not rely on Internet to function properly, it is also designed and developed in Australia. Call the company on 1300 789 832 or contact them here.

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