POS Systems review 2015, best point of sale systems in Australia.

As we near the end of 2015, we will have a look back at the best point of sale solutions this year, new technology, innovation designs and we will compare value for money

Point of sale is also referred to as POS (pronounced poz). Most businesses rely heavily on these systems and the success or failure could be determined by the choice of software and support. Often, business owners compare the market for new solutions at competitive prices, so here's what to look for when purchasing a new point of sale.

- Software ease of use
- Ongoing fees
- Support
- Additional charges

Nowadays, hardware is 'cheap' compared with last decade. 90% of pos providers supply very similar hardware technologies; some choose tablets while some others have stuck with the old and traditional point of sales. We've found HP RP7 terminals to be the most reliable traditional systems while Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 best tablets for point of sale.
pos systems


Having an integrated EFTPOS machine is a critical part of every solution; buy some banks charge incredibly high fees per transaction. We've compared the market and found that Suncorp bank have the lowest rates when it comes to integrated EFTPOS machines.


The one thing that most restaurant owners hate is ongoing fees. When you purchase a system, you invest a lot of money and the least you would expect is to own the program and hardware. We've found that most companies charge compulsory fees that are yearly and over $300 on average. However, we've found SASSCO to have $0 ongoing fees on their point of sale solutions.


95% of POS providers have very similar software interface and features. Some companies in Australia sell an overseas program while some others like imPOS, RedCat and SASSCO have their own Australian Software and local support. While we recommend these systems for obvious reasons, we've found SASSCO to have best value for money for their point of sale systems.


Online ordering has been a huge hit in Sydney and Australia overall. There are literally hundreds of software for online ordering in the market today, we've found Menulog to be the best online ordering solution, however Menulog charge between 10% and 15% on each order which is incredibly high. We recommend considering a 0% ongoing online ordering solution such as iTakeOut.


If you're in the market for a new point of sale system, we highly recommend that you get at least 3 different quotes from different companies and consider no ongoing fees as well as local technical support for your restaurant or café solution.

** Update: We've compared the market and found that SASSCO POS Systems have the best restaurant pos.

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