Restaurants are switching to tablet point of sale systems

More and more restaurants are switching to tablet/iPad point of sale systems in Australia according to a latest study. This comes as no surprise especially when tablets are becoming popular with the introduction of new models every few weeks.

Restaurant Point of Sale

Sassco is a restaurant point of sale system designed and developed in Australia. It is a complete point of sale software solution that works on tablets such as: Microsoft Surface Pro. A restaurant solution consists of a set of hardware combined with software, usually referred to as POS (pronounced poz).

Tablet POS

Tablet Point of Sale systems are becoming a popular choice due to the fact that they are less expensive and often are stylish. There are many Australian companies designing some great stands that look nice for cafes and restaurants setup. ATDEC Australia is one of these companies with a wide range of tablet stands.


Tablet POS Systems for Restaurants are gaining popularity since the release of iPads by Apple. iPad restaurant software rely on Internet hosting, known as cloud. This technology means that restaurants transaction data is stored in the cloud (on a server outside the restaurant). SASSCO Australia does not support cloud hosting for many reasons such as: speed, unreliability and security.


Restaurant owners are switching to tablet point of sale systems to save money on setup and ongoing fees. If you’re looking for a restaurant point of sale system with a tablet-friendly software visit

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