Reviews of the Best iPad POS Systems of 2016

An iPad POS System is a bundle of a tablet (usually iPad), stand, cash drawer, receipt printer and in some retail cases, a barcode scanner. These complete solutions are affordable and available for restaurants, cafes and other retailers. Let’s review the pros and cons of the top 5 in 2016.


The newly released iPad point of sale by SASSCO is Australia’s only non-cloud solution for tablets. It has some great features such as: no ongoing fees, locally hosted database, super-fast and incredibly stylish. The complete set is available online for a price of $2,999 – it includes free delivery and menu setup. Needless to say, it is designed and developed in Australia. Some of the pros include: replace the iPad with a surface tablet at no extra cost, flexible stand, multi-user access and staff rostering. One major con is that there is no online backup feature available. Customers must backup their data manually.


This application is made in the United States and targets mainly retailers such as fashion stores and shoe shops etc. It has a comprehensive stocktake feature and integrates with a barcode scanner for fast sales. Lightspeed integrates with many payment gateways such as PC-EFTPOS and PayPal. This small application gives you thorough reporting and advanced inventory tools. The company states that it has a version available for PC, but we weren’t able to download/trial it. One of the main downsides to Lightspeed is the inability to integrate with a caller-ID system, which is a requirement if you own a pizza shop.


Shopify is another great iPad solution for retailers who intend to expand sales online and build an e-commerce website. It is perfect for small to medium businesses. It offers some great tools that allow you to sync stock between your point of sale and your online store, a necessity if you have a popular e-commerce site. The latest version supports integration with Visa, Mastercard and American Express. The one great disadvantage is the limited tools for managing schedules and payrolls.


Vend is simple to use and offers great stock reporting tools for small budget retailers. This application integrates with Shopify giving end users the freedom to select their own payment facilities. The company offers a free trial to customers unsure about switching to iPad solutions. You can purchase your own hardware and buy the software application from the Apple store. Although it is mainly for fashion and retail stores, Vend offers distinct interfaces for hospitality businesses such as restaurants and coffee shops. One advantage is the ability to have multiple stores and control them using Head-Office software. The one major con is the limited features to integrate with an e-Commerce store.


If you own a restaurant, coffee shop and need a fast iPad solution, SASSCO is your best bet. If you own a retail store and want a complete application that integrates with your online store, then Lightspeed is more suitable.

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