Sassco launches a new revolutionary app for support

For years, Sassco has set the standards for new revolutionary ideas and software, starting from the introduction of Waiter POS in 2006 to its latest widget: Sassco Live Chat.


Sassco is a point of sale Software Company located in North Sydney, Australia with an office and showroom in Melbourne. The company has designed many point of sale related software. With over 1,200 customers Australia-Wide, the company has developed a new widget to handle its customers support queries.

Sassco Live Chat

Sassco Live Chat is a small application available on iPhone and Android mobile phones. It allows customers to chat with a technician, live in real-time. There are many other features within the app such as:
  • - Renew Technical Support
  • - Buy Thermal Paper Rolls
  • - Take photos using your phone, share with technician
  • - Read User Manual
  • - Frequently asked questions
  • - Company’s Latest News: job offers etc..

How does it work?

Essentially, registered customers can open a new “Chat”, give it a title, enter a description of the problem they are facing, take photos using their mobile phone of any software or hardware problems, submit then wait for an immediate response. It’s much like WhatsApp Messenger where you can create new chat windows and save a history of chats.

The app offers some other features such as FAQs where answers to most common problems are shared and new inputs are regularly updated. Using this app, you can read the user manual by searching for a task. Example: how do I add staff? Clicking the title will open a section showing you step-by-step how to accomplish this task. Some screenshots may also be available


There are no similar applications in the point of sale world today. Sassco has set the standard again by creating an amazing simple app that will make life easy on end users.

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