SASSCO launches a new Time and Attendance App that captures staff clock ins

Staff Clock Ins is an important day-to-day activity for every restaurant, capturing these times using a tablet picture is the latest in technology designed and developed by Australia’s biggest point of sale software company, SASSCO.


Pen & Paper

Remember when restaurant and café staffs were asked to use a book to write their weekly roster/timesheet times? E.g: Monday 1 Jan, start 9:30am, finish 12.30pm? Well, think no more, a recent study has revealed that the majority of restaurants in Australia are still using pen/paper to record their staff times and clock ins.

Times App

SASSCO has developed a new revolutionary application that works on Android and iOS, it’s called Times, which records these staff times and exports a weekly timesheet to business managers in the form of Excel or e-mail. The new application is free for up to 5 users, then it’s $199 per/year.

In reality, there are 3 applications: Times, Times Kiosk and Times Roster.

Times is the main program which stores information about your staff, passcodes, branches and gives you a visual on who’s working and who was late. Business managers or HR departments use this App to export timesheets. This app is also available online; you can click here to create an account online.

Times Kiosk is the application used in each of your branches/departments. When staffs arrive for work, they enter a passcode (created by HR), clock in, then this simple app captures their picture and records their times. At the end of the shift, staff clock out, the app takes captures another picture.

Times Roster is the application that restaurant staff can use to download their weekly rosters straight onto their smartphones.

How to download?

As mentioned above, you can create an online account here or download the Times App for iOS and Android. Times Kiosk can be downloaded for iOS and Android (or for iOS mobile and Android Mobile). Finally, Times Roster can be downloaded for iOS and Android.


The advantages are enormous. Business managers can track who’s working, who’s late and who didn’t show up, all with a help of a picture. This ensures that you’re paying your staff precisely based on the exact hours they worked. With the help of a picture, you are certain of the identity of the staffs working, whereas in the past, colleagues would have others writing their hours on the timesheet book.


This App is free for up to 5 users; however, for a small fee of $199 per year, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get this app for your business, start recording timesheets the modern way.

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