SASSCO now accepts Bitcoin Currency for POS System Purchases

SASSCO is the first point of sale Software Company in Australia to accept Bitcoin Currency for the purchase of any of its POS Systems for restaurants and coffee shops.


Let's face it; chances are you've heard of Bitcoin, at least in the past few weeks since its incredible boom. It's been the main talk on mainstream media and every blogger is talking about. You know it's a great thing when you hear that your grandmother and grandfather are investing money in it.

As most of you know, SASSCO is a software company based in North Sydney that designs and develops POS Systems for restaurants, cafes and pizza restaurants. Although the company has a business to business market model, approximately 15% of its sales are business-to-customer (end user).

What is Bitcoin

In the most simplified definition, Bitcoin is a currency, much like the US or Australian dollar. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and a payment system that is accepted Worldwide. Unlike the US dollar (for example) Bitcoin is not bank or government regulated; it is a peer-to-peer transaction model.

At the time of writing this article (5 December 2017), Bitcoin was trading at US $11,557 (AUD $15,197) compared with around US $1,000 at around January 2017.

This of course means that if you had purchased, let's say, $1,000 back in January, you would have $11,500 in your wallet today. That is a great return, so great that it's 27 times more valuable that any Apple share.

SASSCO Accepts Bitcoin

If you own or manage a restaurant or a coffee shop in Australia and looking for an affordable all-Australian POS System, we have great news for you, SASSCO now accepts Bitcoin as a form of currency and you can make purchases using your Bitcoin digital wallet.

If you're after a complete POS System bundle such as the Surface Pro you can now purchase it for as little as 0.20 bitcoin (each bitcoin is A$15,197).


Bitcoin is more and more becoming a Worldwide accepted payment system, we’ve heard stories of people listing their homes for sell and accepting Bitcoin as a payment form. Of course there are great risks in buying Bitcoin, my advise to you is to be prepared to lose-all, trade with your head with money you don’t really need.

Give SASSCO a call to purchase your POS System with your Bitcoin currency 1300 789 832.

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