Sassco POS Software is now ranked 4th in the world with 3,500 downloads

According to the world’s biggest software download website (, Sassco POS is now ranked 4th in the world with over 3,500 downloads worldwide. Here are some things you may not know about Sassco.

A bit of History

The first release of Sassco dates back to 2004, it was originally called (Simply POS). The software was designed and developed by a small group of university students, led by Alain Sassine, at UNSW (University of New South Wales) as part of a university project. The program quickly became a great success and was sold to Take-away shops as well as quick service stores.

100% Australian Designed and Developed

It’s been 12 years since of the launch of the program, and although the company has sold copies of the software to international customers, mainly United States, Japan and Dubai, the software remains 100% Australian designed and Developed. The support is local based in North Sydney, NSW.

Free updates/upgrades – for life

Sassco point of sale software is now sold mainly to restaurants and coffee shops. The software interface is relatively similar between the 2 versions although the restaurant software includes more advanced features such as: rostering, ingredient stock control, bookings and reservations.

Other Add-ons

Sassco integrates with other software & mobile Apps (developed by Sassco Pty Ltd) such as: Waiter POS, Mobile Reporting App, Bump Screen Systems and Online Ordering (iTakeOut).


With prices starting at $1,995 for a lifetime license, which includes installation and menu setup, you really can’t go wrong. Over 3,500 downloads worldwide is just another reason why you should trial Sassco.

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