SASSCO releases long awaited SASSCO POS version 3.0

SASSCO POS version 3.0 for Windows, iPad and Android has been released today, 15 June 2016, and is available to all customers for free. Customers connected to the Internet can update their software by clicking login then Update. If you don’t have Internet connection, please contact the company’s support team.

New features highlights

There have been some great enhancements in the software, most notably the “smooth transition” between screens, especially on slow machines with slow processor. There are great improvements in the “cache” memory processing functionality and finally, the company has introduced a Dashboard lookalike screen for Back Office.

Smooth transitions

If you’re using an old computer with a slow processor (equivalent of brains in computer terms), you will notice that programs take longer to load, and sometimes the screen freezes up? This is far more noticeable if you’re connected to a wireless and trying to access files on a remote computer. This process is not applicable to App running on iPad because of the nature of the iPad processor (much faster). SASSCO has made some crucial changes to bypass this by introducing some new features where data is loaded in the background, even before you click a button, so when you do click that button, the information is already available, and there is no need to access it over wireless.

Cache not Cash!

The “Cache” term is the technology of storing large bulk of information in the memory bank of a computer or an iPad. This is incredibly important in the point of sale software development because it eliminates the need to access the database (often on a separate computer/server) every time a button is clicked. The result is of course, much faster program.


SASSCO has always had a dashboard available to customer who have purchased the SASSCO iPad Reporting App, this is now available (in simplified version) to customers using SASSCO Back Office. The dashboard highlights up-to-date information about sales, cost, discounts, and most popular products and categories. The menu buttons that were distributed on the home screen are now part of top bar menu items.


The best things in life are Free. SASSCO’s latest software is free for all to update/upgrade. There are also some bug fixes and minor enhancements but it is highly recommended that customers update their programs. As always, please let us know your thoughts; share it on our Facebook page.

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