Here's a simple & effective way to save you thousands $$$ on Menulog and EatNow commissions.

We've seen a spike in the popularity of online ordering, (Menulog, EatNow, Delivery Hero etc..), but here's a simple way to avoid paying commission on your online orders

If you own a restaurant business in Sydney or Melbourne, chances are you're using an online ordering system or at least seriously thinking of getting one. The most popular system in the Australian market today is Menulog, the company that now owns EatNow. They have over 5,500 customers in Sydney alone.

Since Menulog has acquired EatNow, they have increased their online commission (per order). I know customers who had Menulog about 2 years ago and are still paying the original 1.5% commission.

That percentage has increased dramatically since and is now around 15% for new customers.

The overwhelming majority of customers who are using these online services often complain about these horrendous charges but are faced with the possibility of a decrease in sales, should they stop their online ordering.


Luckily, I have a solution that will work for you and will save you thousands of dollars every year. It's been used by many restaurants across Sydney, it's working for them and I can guarantee that it will work for you too.


There are a few Australian companies (e.g: that are offering to build your very own restaurant App (your logo, menu, details), suited and customised to your restaurant needs. These Apps cost around $1,000 and have a 0% commission on online orders. What these companies are also offering is FREE SMS software that allows you to 'merge' your Menulog and EatNow customers and invite them to start using your very own App which has a 0% commission on online orders.


Let's say you own a Pizza Shop called "John's Best Pizza". iTakeOut will build you an App called "John's Best Pizza", upload it to Apple and Google store with your menu, logo and information on it. When you get a Menulog order, you use their software to send a FREE SMS to the Menulog customer and invite them to download your App.

Sample SMS: Hi John, thanks for your order. Next time why not place an ordering using our own App and save 5%. Click here to download it for iPhone or here for Android.

Eventually, more customers will place orders using your App and your Menulog fee will be reduced dramatically!


This effective way will surely save you money on commission of online orders. There are many companies that are offering these custom Apps, I would recommend iTakeOut, an Australian company that charges $995 for the App and 0% on online orders.

Note: TakeOut Online Ordering System integrates with SASSCO Point of Sale Systems. Click here to find out more or to buy a restaurant point of sale system.

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