Here is why you should swap your receipt printer with a Bump Screen System

Restaurant and café owners are often faced with the common question: should I buy a printer or a bump screen system? We’ve compared the advantages and disadvantages of both solutions and we think you’re better off with a Bump System.


A bump screen system is often used in cafes or restaurant pizza shops; it’s a combination of a screen (sometimes touchscreen), software, a stand and a numpad. These mountable systems are used to communicate between floor staff and kitchen staff (or barista). Orders are processed using the point of sale software inside the restaurant and are sent to these bump systems.

A receipt printer is a small hardware that prints dockets; it is usually thermal unless used in kitchens where a 2 PLY bond is used. Receipt printers are far more popular than bump systems in Australia.

Advantages of Bump System

The one great advantage of using a bump screen system is the ‘no ongoing fees’ that comes with it. These systems require electricity and wireless or network to run, nothing else. Another advantage is the ability to have colour coded text on the screen, unlike thermal receipts that can write text in black font only. Finally, the ability to delete and recall orders and preview up to 16 orders at the same time is a bonus.


The one disadvantage of using a bump screen system is the likelihood of deleting an order by mistake. These screens are usually connected to a numpad where numbers are clicked to delete orders. If a number is clicked 1 too many times, it deletes the order and there’s no way of knowing. On the other hand, if receipt printers are used, these physical dockets are difficult to lose.


Having compared the features of bump screen systems and thermal kitchen or coffee printers, we highly recommend using a bump system. SASSCO have a great point of sale software for restaurants and coffee shops that integrate with an easy to install bump screen system.

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