The evolution of Waiter POS

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    By Christina Lyons

    Since early 2012, Waiter pos has become very popular among retailers and the hospitality sector soon followed by encouraging restaurant owners to pursue the trend of installing them into their management system.

    Gradually, restaurants embraced this idea and began deploying Waiter POS throughout their stores and with that witnessed a whopping increase of 10% in profits and outstanding feedbacks from customers about their overall experience with the customer service. Researchers believe that by the end of 2019, the majority of restaurants will adapt to this trend with very positive outcomes.

    In order to illustrate the benefits of using Waiter POS, consider the following question:

    What will the Waiter POS offer to my restaurant's daily operations that the traditional system won't?

    Well, as a way to answer that question, we will give you reasons why you, as a restaurant owner, will be totally convinced that Waiter POS is a promising investment for the present and future business prospects.

    1- Optimum Customer Service

    Your restaurant runs the traditional customer service where the waiter, holding a pen and paper, approaches the family at the table and waits for them to make an order, write it down (occasionally memorize it), and head towards the kitchen in order to transfer the order taken. However on the way, other customers will most likely make additional requests like a bottle of ketchup with their fries, or add to the order they made few minutes ago. The waiter then will be forced to serve those clients while on his way to the kitchen causing a delay to the order made by the family.

    Now imagine the same scenario but this time the waiter is holding a Waiter POS. he will take the order and place it on the spot into the system and transfer it with a click of a button directly to the kitchen while still standing at the table. This way the waiter will have more than enough time to serve the other tables while the order is being processed and the customers won't have to wait long for their food to arrive.

    Hence, the Waiter POS will improve the customer service by complying with diners' demands efficiently and effectively at the same time providing the waiters the ease to shift between tables without any delays in orders and ultimately meet customers' expectations.

    2- Enhance customer rotations

    With Waiter POS your restaurant operation will run smoothly simply because the orders taken and sent to the kitchen staff, as well as the payment process will be carried promptly while the waiter still stands at the table. This new process will be translated into a win-win situation, allowing customers to enjoy an efficient service, at the same time a faster rotation of tables, meaning more paying customers will arrive at your doorstep.

    3- Avoid errors in orders

    Some waiters believe that holding a pen and paper will seem less professional, so they decide to rely on their memory when it comes to taking orders from customers at the table. Unfortunately the result will be either an error in the meal ordered or in the modification made on a certain dish in the menu. In order to avoid these types of errors, Waiter POS will grant waiters the privilege to instantly place the order along with any modification or special request made by the customer.

    4- Provide accurate information about the menu

    Once a waiter uses a Waiter POS, he will be able to answer any type of question asked by the customer for what concerns the menu, from dishes, specialties, to the meal of the day because any details regarding the menu will be integrated within the system and with a click of a button, the waiter will have access to these information allowing him to instantly reply to customers' inquiries creating a faster service and a better experience.

    5- Faster payment process

    From personal experience I can tell you how many times I had to be late for a meeting because I had to wait a long time for the waiter to approach me with the check. How cool would it be if for once you left the restaurant and arrived to your rendezvous on time! Now, with Waiter POS we can actually do that! We won't have to wait for the waiter to finish placing someone else's order at the counter, since it will be automatically transfer to the kitchen staff, hence he will be ready to print out your check, swipe your card at the table and wish you a great day.

    Personally, I would definitely visit that restaurant again.

    6- Mitigate your employment cost.

    We all know that staff wages cover a big part of the restaurant's total profit. With wages increasing day by day, the management needs to find ways to cut down from the cost to earn more money.

    Once you apply Waiter POS to your daily operation, you can reorganize your structure by reducing the number of experienced waiters and increase the runners who acquire lower income, to serve food on the table. Subsequently, you can save on cost and offer exemplary levels of customer service to diners.

    7- Meet customers' expectations

    From the minute they walk through the door, customers expect to receive good food, great ambience and an overall indulging experience. All that and more in the quickest way possible! So in order to give them a reason to come back more often, the Waiter POS is exactly what you need. All you have to do is greet them with a big smile, use your Waiter POS to take orders in a precise manner, promptly deliver dishes and in the end offer payment convenience.

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