Time to upgrade to a Restaurant / Café point of sale (POS) system

Let's face it, if you're still using pen & paper or the traditional cash registers in your café, takeaway or restaurant – it is time to move on, upgrade to a point of sale system. The benefits from using a computerized point of sale system are enormous – you will save money, time and staff hours.

What is point of sale system?

Point of Sale (known as POS) – is the combination of a computer (usually 15 inch touchscreen), cash drawer (till) and a Receipt Printer. Specifically, a POS usually refers to the computer. Nowadays, most computer POS Systems have Windows 7/8 operating system, and a Point of Sale Software.

Today, I'm going to demonstrate some of the features of SASSCO, the point of sale software by an Australian company that specialises in Point of Sale Software/Systems, based in North Sydney Australia (Level 32, 101 Miller St, North Sydney).

Restaurant POS System website reference: https://sassco.com.au/

So you have a Café or a Restaurant, and you've finally decided to upgrade to a computerised POS system – great! The main advantage of having a POS System is to simplify your day-to-day activities and to save you money!

Features and Advantages

One function of Point of Sale software is to simplify stocktake. SASSCO POS keeps a record/track of each item you sell. You can retrieve historical reports on your items to forecast future sales and organize a more affective stock and ingredient control.

You can set different access levels for your staff and managers. You can track mistakes by printing detailed end of day reports. These reports display accurate day's history of invoices, who made payments, how much was the total and how did the customer pay (cash, EFTPOS, credit card etc…) This will eliminate theft and give you full control of your café or restaurant.

Finally – Customer Loyalty Programs! SASSCO POS offers 2 great features for customers: Credit/Account cards and Promotions (buy 2 get 1 free). Give your regular customers the options to open an account with your café, recharge account on a weekly basis, and jump the queue by simply scanning their loyalty programs.

Brand promotions: for example, after every 10 coffee, get 1 coffee free. The software will automatically prompt you when the 11th coffee is up, so you don't have to worry about stamping traditional cards or doing the head counts.


There are many more great features in using a point of sale system to simplify work in your restaurant. To use a POS in your Restaurant or Takeaway, contact SASSCO on: 1300 789 832 or visit their website: www.sassco.com.au.

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