Upgrade to SASSCO's Restaurant POS Systems & save thousands in ResDiary and Dimmi Commission.

ResDiary is a restaurant booking system. Dimmi is restaurant booking service that offers customers the use of a dedicated widget for their own web site and a referral service from Dimmi affiliated web sites. Combining the 2 software together will give you a complete "online booking" solution. At a cost, a high cost too. Here's how you can save on these charges

Introduction about ResDiary and Dimmi

ResDiary (also known as Rdiary) Australia is owned by Restaurantdiary.com Limited, a UK based and privately owned company. The company operates in 39 countries and book approximately 5.5m covers per month globally. Dimmi is a licensee of the ResDiary system in Australia.

The 2 applications combined offer a flexible table booking system for restaurants. ResDiary gives end users a floor map design of booking tables and times making it easier to make booking decisions based on busy times and periods. On the other hand, Dimmi is a module or a widget that can be installed on websites, allowing end users to book tables. These bookings are sent to point of sale software that interfaces with ResDiary.


The biggest problems ResDiary and Dimmi customers are facing is the cost involved in setting up these booking software.

On average, restaurant owners can pay hundreds of dollars monthly for accessing the Dimmi /Rdiary services... Depending on the bookings that come from the dimmi widget and other Dimmi affiliated web sites. On top of that, business owners have to integrate these bookings with the local point of sale system, making it 3 different software that perform different tasks, integrated together to make it a complete solution.


Sassco is a hospitality specific point of sale system
software that provides a combination of these 3 software; all in 1 easy to use software. SASSCO's easy to use point of sale software has all the modules and features needed to book online, then display these bookings in an easy to understand floor map. The software gives end users the tool to book tables up to 12 months in advance, while producing an easy layout of the forecast bookings on the selected date. Another great feature that SASSCO offers is the ability to send automated SMS to mobile numbers confirming the booking.

Introduction about SASSCO

Sassco is a POS Systems software solution that can be installed in restaurants, cafes & hospitality businesses. The company's head office is located in North Sydney, Australia. SASSCO's easy to use point of sale software has an average 9/10 score from its every-day customers.


Zimzala Restaurant is an iconic restaurant in Cronulla, NSW. They're using SASSCO Restaurant POS for their online bookings and point of sale software. They have saved in excess of $500 a month by using SASSCO. Here are some screenshots of their online widget (provided by SASSCO) and the table floor map interface (SASSCO software).

Sample SMS sent after each booking: Thank you for making a reservation at Zimzala for the 3 Sep 2015 at 12pm for 2 people. For any changes please contact the restaurant on 02 95272011.


Why wait, it's a no-brainer to upgrade to a Sassco is a hospitality specific point of sale system software solution. A complete upgrade may cost you around $2,500 in software fees, but the flexibility that the SASSCO system offers by combining all 3 software and charging you $0 on bookings makes it well worth the upgrade.

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