What is a Waiter POS? Pros and Cons

If you’re running a busy restaurant and still taking orders on pen and paper, this might be the perfect solution to a seamless and more affective day-to-day process. It will not only make your business run smoother, it will also save you time and money.

What is Waiter POS?

Waiter POS is the technical term used for taking orders, right from the restaurant of café table, using a portable device. This portable device is often in the form of iPad mini or in some cases a Samsung Android device. The term POS (pronounced poz) is a derivation of point of sale.

Background information

In the early days, we had pen and paper. Orders taken from the tables are written on a piece of paper, orders are calculated at the register manually and customers pay accordingly. Then we had the introduction of cash registers. Big and bulky computer systems with a set of numbers to automatically calculate order total etc. In the early 90s we had the introduction of POS Systems; a combination of a computer software installed on a PC, connected to a printer and a cash drawer.

Nowadays we have advanced solutions of point of sale systems, tablet POS, wireless touchscreen systems with integrated payment solutions and more. With so many software solutions in the market today, the introduction of Waiter POS has been revolutionary in every sense of the word. With this now-available technology, staff can take orders wirelessly from the tables and print directly to the kitchen. This will save time in double entering orders and efficiency in sending the correct order items.


Advantages of using a Waiter POS are enormous; elimination of double handling, accuracy and saving staff times top the list. Imagine a simple scenario where a staff member sends a big table order; kitchen items are printed automatically in the kitchen and beverages are printed in the bar printer! Sending “Mains/Entrée/ Dessert Away” messages instantly with a click of a button, printing bills and merging tables, all while staff are on the floor with a portable device.

The Waiter POS solution allows for managers to reduce cost of staff hours while decreasing the number of staff on the floor and focusing on things that matter – quality of the prepared food.

The most popular form of Waiter POS device is a rugged case of iPad Mini. These tablets come with a perfect screen size of 8inch, big enough for touch and small enough to be portable. Other popular sizes are 10” inch for Samsung Android. SASSCO sells the iPad Mini rugged case Waiter POS for around $999 per lifetime license.


The greatest disadvantage of using a Waiter POS is the inability to trace paper orders and track exactly who made a mistake. Sure you can go back on the software logs and link orders in a computerised way to a staff member, but restaurant staffs are known to use cross-logins. After all, paper written dockets follow a handwriting patter that is much easier to trace back to initiator.

Cost of Waiter POS is far higher than pen and paper. These software solutions come with a high price and are only offered by a portion of software providers in Australia. You must check with your provider if they supply these technologies, SASSCO offers complete POS bundles with Waiter POS for around $4,995, contact the company on 1300 789 832 for a quote.


If you’re in the market for a perfect point of sale solution for your busy restaurant, we highly recommend implementing a non-cloud based POS with an iPad mini Waiter POS device for taking orders on the go.

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