What to look for when purchasing a new point of sale system for cafes

If you’re thinking of opening a new café or coffee shop, or even upgrading your existing point of sale system, here’s what you should look for to get the better of today’s technology.

Ease of use

Employees working in the hospitality industry are known to change jobs, quite often. On average, waiters change jobs at least 3 times a year. This means that the software needs to be easy to use, self-explanatory with very few screens to get around.


The last thing coffee shop owners want to deal with is a problem with the point of sale system. That could be hardware or a software fault, regardless – support for point of sale solutions is critical for everyday operation. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you sign a support agreement with your pos system provider.


Hardware is another critical part when selecting your next pos system. Top of the range hardware are more expensive than every-day systems but are highly recommended. The difference in price may be in the hundreds of dollars but that investment is well worth it. Look for world brands such as: Epson, HP, Microsoft, Apple etc..


With hundreds of point of sale systems providers in Australia, the choice of selecting the best pos system for cafes is narrowed to the company with the best reputation and customer feedback. Ask your friends and their friends; quite often good software are remembered.


Finding the best POS System for cafes is dependent on hardware quality, software ease of use, support and customer testimonials. It is highly recommended that shop owners pay a little extra for point of sale; rest assured, the return on investment is far greater than when a cheap solution is selected.

If you're looking for best pos sytem solution for cafes, have a look at SASSCO's Cafe POS Solution or give them a call on (02) 8912 2115.

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