Why finance your point of sale system?

Nowadays, you can purchase a complete point of sale system for restaurants for under $5,000. Sometimes, finance works out to be a better option than to pay upfront.


A point of sale system (also known as POS) is a solution that combines hardware, software and online ordering for hospitality stores such as: restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and pizza restaurants. Back in the 90s, these solutions cost up to $10,000+. Nowadays with the introduction of iPad POS Systems and the revolution of tables, you can purchase complete systems, installed, for around $3,000.

Finance Solution

Currently in Australia there are 2 big companies for financing point of sale systems: Geared Asset Finance and Silver Chef Australia. These companies have different payment plans, from paying half up front and half over 1 year or a RENT-TRY-BUY plan where you rent your equipment and pay them off as you go, until you own them.

Why finance

Most businesses acquire point of sale systems when they start up a new restaurant or café business. To start with, owners are faced with tens of bills from design, to flooring to setting up the kitchen etc.. Cash is the key to launching new businesses. After-all, if things go according to plan, these restaurants will produce money eventually and it would be easier to make payments at that time.

Some of these finance companies charge a certain percentage (interest) for long payment plans. These interests vary depending on the amount loaned. As an example, Silver Chef charges $5 a week interest on a loan of $5,000 over 2 years. This amount equals a cup of coffee and it’s not much considering that you’ve saved yourself $5,000- money you could invest elsewhere in the business.

Financing your POS System

Some POS Systems companies in Australia offer to do the financing for you, applying for a finance instalment plan is usually a 5-10 minute process that can be completed over the phone. SASSCO is one such company; they have a few different payment plans available on their website.


Financing your point of sale system over a 1 or 2 year payment plan is the way to go for new restaurant business owners. Interest rate is low, payments are often less than $50 a week and the money saved could be spent wisely elsewhere in your kitchen or décor.

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